The Pursuit of Innovation


Learn what separates successful innovators from the pack.


Embrace Innovation for Organizational Success

At Momentus, one of our core values is innovation. It’s what inspires our teams to build extraordinary solutions. Innovation is almost always necessary, whether you’re a venue, corporate organization or software company. Yet, innovation is often thought of as intimidating or scary. 

Watch this webinar to hear from an accomplished product leader and innovator, Ken Surdan, as he distills innovation down to its core.  


In this webinar, you’ll discover how to:


Overcome Challenges

Understand why innovation is necessary.

Leverage Change

Discover what sets apart those who thrive and those who fail.

Be Innovative

Learn lessons to help you constantly strive to exceed expectations.

Discover how innovation can balance short term needs and long-term strategies to help you remain competitive in the events industry.

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