Extraordinary Moments Are Powered by Momentus


The Momentus Platform empowers you with an integrated suite of solutions including CRM, booking, event management, accounting, reporting and API.


Access All The Best Resources, All In One Place

Our powerful, intuitive platform is designed from more than 30 years of unparalleled industry experience, best practices and a marquee customer base. We have purpose-built, end-to-end venue and event management solutions for convention and exhibition centers, higher education, corporate, stadiums and arenas, and arts and culture centers.

Find out how our intelligent, data-driven solutions for venue and event management provide a clear view of the past, present, and future … so you and your team can make every moment momentus.


In this brochure, you'll learn about:


Out Platform

A powerful end-to-end cloud platform with fully-integrated CRM, event management, accounting, reporting and modern web portals for space booking, event planning, catering and payment.

Our Solutions

From concerts to conferences, sporting events to symphonies, boardroom meetings to ballet performances — we understand the unique needs of your organization and our solutions are designed to meet them.

Our Mission

When people gather together in any space — big or small — to learn, share, connect and celebrate, it can inspire greatness.

Discover how your organization can optimize venue and event management with an end-to-end platform to achieve greater success.

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