A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainability for Events and Venues


Tips for success and mistakes to avoid when starting your sustainability journey.


It’s Not Just Talk. Not Anymore.

Events can drive enormous benefits in terms of economic activity, inclusivity, social and even political benefits. On the flipside, large-scale events face a negative and unavoidable impact on the environment.

The United Nations famously defined sustainability as both a goal and an activity: “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Fortunately, there are practical ways event organizers can set goals, establish metrics and create both practical and achievable methods to mitigate the negative impact of their activities.

Read this e-book to learn how to:


Engage Your Teams

Define sustainability initiatives as part of broader organizational objectives.

Establish Goals

Develop appropriate goals and metrics that apply to each brand of the organization.

Track Key Metrics

Invest in systems that track key KPIs and hold all members of the organization accountable for meeting their goals.

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